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True Growth

True Tot Tower learning platform fuels your child’s desire to be independent and learn. It also enables socialization by including them in many everyday activities like baking that may have been prohibitively hazardous.


Playtime is an essential activity for children to use their imagination, as playing is an important aspect of a healthy brain. Limiting their imagination to floor activities can reduce their overall creativity.  The True Tot Tower allows a young child to reach and see above the counter and help you in the kitchen, wash dishes or hands, have a morning routine by brushing their hair and teeth, and even cleaning up after projects in their booster seat.

A child who uses the True Tot Tower can start imaging and interacting with food mixes, measuring cups, hand soap, and so much more. True Tot Tower will never limit the child while their brain gathers new and exciting information for a brighter imagination.


Learning a new skill, especially for young children, has all kinds of benefits, including improving and strengthening your memory, mobility and language skills, and increase activity in imagination. It is said that child development and brain growth occurs from age one to three and introducing your toddler to a world they can’t necessarily see makes a huge impact on their development and learning experience.

True Tot Towers allows your toddler to interact in your daily activities – helping them learn, explore, and grow in child and brain development.


True Tot Tower not only prides itself with growing with your toddler, but the tower allows your toddler’s brain development to grow as well. When using the Tower your child will understand a different perspective in the world they live. They come to understand how one can wash dishes, the everyday cooking routines like stirring, measuring, or pouring an object into another, and the process of daily clean-up; your child will see their environment in a new light that they couldn’t see before.

Each day you can go to sleep easy knowing that you are empowering your toddler’s brain to grow.

The True Tot Tower is part of the pNeo family of products. Others include: Tumzee, CLEARinse, Oto-Tip, Sister Chic, DreamCatcher and Baby Shusher.

Image Credit: @mydaintydarlings