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Benefits of Arts and Crafts

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kid crafts

Arts and crafts are a wonderful way for your child to stretch their imagination and creativity. These activities can be as simple as coloring a picture or painting. They can even be more difficult too such as helping you sew. Kids can gain many different skills or developments from doing crafts that you may not have considered. Below is just a short list of benefits your child will gain from arts and crafts.

So, what are the benefits?

Arts and crafts develop coordination since these activities use both hands. It even helps develop fine motor skills such as holding items in your hands or moving objects from one place to another. Your child will also develop their executive functioning skills. These are skills used for paying attention, planning, holding onto a thought, or even controlling impulses.

By doing arts and crafts, your child will have a higher self-esteem because of the positive emotional response completing these activities will give. At a young age, they will learn to take pride in their work and accomplishments. They will feel empowered because they are learning to express themselves. Arts and crafts promote creativity and imagination. These activities may foster artistic abilities in your child’s adult life.


Doing arts and crafts is a great way for your child to learn important skills they will need in the future. Do them together as a bonding experience! But they can be done alone as well. They do not have to be elaborate and expensive either. Start with some paper and crayons, and see where it takes your child!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash