5 Tips on Babyproofing Your Home

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Babies are incredible little beings and being a parent is such a marvelous experience. When they are very small, there is very little that they can get into. While there are safety procedures, because they are reliant on you to get around, measures to secure your home are minimal. As they begin to grow, it […]

5 Ways Sleep-Deprived Parents Can Get More Sleep

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Significant life changes and stresses are direct triggers for insomnia or sleeping problems. No wonder the newborn days become challenging for moms when it comes to battling for a few hours of needed rest. Recent research has revealed that new parents will get just four hours and 44 minutes of sleep on an average night […]

5 Summer Safety Tips For Parents

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Kids have a great time during the summer. The favorable weather allows them to spend more time outside. However, outdoor activities can expose them to risks. They may also sustain injuries while enjoying indoor activities. Parents need to be extra careful during this season to avoid accidents. Since your children are on vacation during this […]

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Preventing Furniture Tip-Overs Helpful Guide

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As a parent, your number one priority is keeping your child safe. You may be thinking, “Furniture tip-overs? This doesn’t apply to me. My child will not climb.” According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the sad truth is that “children under the age of 6 accounted for 82% of all reported tip-over deaths involving […]