5 Tips on Babyproofing Your Home

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Babies are incredible little beings and being a parent is such a marvelous experience. When they are very small, there is very little that they can get into. While there are safety procedures, because they are reliant on you to get around, measures to secure your home are minimal. As they begin to grow, it […]

Tips to Keeping Your Child Hydrated and Prevent Dehydration

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There are numerous misconceptions surrounding Dehydration. Most people think Dehydration mainly affects athletes due to their constant depletion of fluids. But, this isn’t true, Dehydration affects everyone and babies are in fact at a higher risk than adults. A baby can’t store a lot of fluid, and babies can get dehydrated very fast. Fortunately, there […]

Growth -Surviving the Holidays

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Images courtesy of Just Simply Happenstance It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year! For many of us, the holidays are a magical time that we look forward to all year. The food, the family time, the atmosphere, what’s not to love about that? Unfortunately, for some, the holidays are a little bit of a […]