Children have an innate desire to be independent and to learn.

Founded by educators Danny & Christin True, True Growth’s ‘True Tot Tower’ is a safe, sturdy platform for curious children to nurture their desire to learn, interact and develop their independence. Our adjustable base ensures that children can be at the optimal height, while the four sides ensure that your child is safe & secure while learning and playing.

toddler brishihng teeth using True Growth True Tot Tower

Encourage creativity, imagination, and stronger family relationships by including your children in counter top fun!

son and dad playing pool using True Growth True Tot Tower

This piece of handcrafted furniture is proudly made with sustainably sourced New Zealand Pine to provide a safe, stable structure providing peace of mind while spending quality time with your children.

boy in kitchen baking cookies with True Growth True Tot Tower

Activities are endless, but ideas include cooking and food preparations, washing dishes, arts and crafts, and more!