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4 Toddler Milestones to Look Forward To

One day, you’re holding a little newborn, all swaddled and content. The next, you’ve got a toddler running amok in the house! 😂 It happens so fast, doesn’t it? 🤸‍♂️ But when exactly do little ones develop new skillsets? While every child is different, here are some average milestones to expect. 

Climbing… on everything

The very first signs of climbing are when little babies start to pull up to stand. But 12 months is closer to when your tot will really engage with things like monkey bars. Once you hit the 24-month mark, expect kiddo to scale playground equipment and furniture.

SAFETY NOTE: To prevent accidents around the home, make sure True Tot Tower is part of your child’s everyday life. With four-sided rails and rubber feet, safety takes priority with True Tot!

Running (around and around and around)

Kiddos usually start rushing around at about 17 months, but some can get the zooms as early as 13 months! And once they get their engines going, they’re almost impossible to stop. Vroom!

SAFETY NOTE: Make sure your child wears properly fitting shoes with rubber soles to prevent tripping and sliding. Stick with Velcro closures instead of laces, which tend to come undone and pose a risk.

Kicking (hopefully just toys)

Babies start kicking in the womb, so they’re born with a pretty sweet punt. But doing that while standing is a little more complicated. Look for soccer-worthy kicks at about 18-24 months old. Score!

SAFETY NOTE: When playing with kickballs and other sports equipment outside, make sure your tot has plenty of space to stumble and fall safely. They’re still learning, after all. Large, grassy areas are best for exercise.

Jumping… boing, boing, boing!

This skill is a bit advanced. You may notice your kiddo testing the waters by shifting weight from foot to foot. This is a child’s way of practicing the feeling of their feet leaving the ground at the same time. Just over 2 years old is when you’ll notice the beginning of true jumping, starting with leaps from low structures, like a bottom stair. Get ready for a bouncy babe!

SAFETY NOTE: Set boundaries so your little one knows where they’re allowed to play. Tables, countertops, and furniture should all be no-no’s for hopping up and down.   

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