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DIY Apron Painting Craft for Kids Who Love to Cook

DIY Apron Painting Craft - True Tot Tower

If your child loves to cook, there's a good chance they'll love this easy DIY apron painting craft.

This apron painting project is as cheap as it is easy. You should be able to get all the supplies for less than $10 at your local craft store. The project itself should only take 30-45 minutes to complete, depending on how long your child decides to explore their creativity. 

Ours is decorated with some lovely, yet simple flowers for summer. However, your child can paint anything they want on the front of their apron. 


1 Kid-Sized Apron (available at many craft sores)
1 Set of Paint Brushes
3-4 bottles of Acrylic Paint
1 Small Palette
1 Water Cup for Brush Cleaning


 1. Remove the apron from its packaging. Lay it out flat. If the apron is wrinkled, you may want to quickly iron it to give your child a better surface to paint on.

2. Grab the painting palette and open up the acrylic paints. Pour a little of each color onto the palette.

3. Open up the paint brushes. Now it's time to relax while your child explores their creativity. This is a project you can leave them alone to complete, however, they may enjoy you watching them work.

4. Let the apron dry for 30 minutes after your child is finished painting. You can leave it laying flat to dry as long as it's not windy outside! You can also hang it to dry by the neck strap. Just be careful not to smudge the masterpiece.

5. Voila! Your kid now has their own personal apron to wear whenever they're in the kitchen!

Want more? Read up on kitchen safety rules for kids.



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